SriBuO Legally Offers Free Ghanaian Movies On YouTube

For a long time now, sale by DVD has been the norm when it comes to Ghanaian movie distribution. This worked well for a while but Ghanaians living outside their home country have been getting used to consuming movies from iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and the like. The distribution movies moved on but somehow the Ghanaian movie industry didnít keep up. There is still a place for DVD sales however the vast majority of the world has gone digital and Ghana/Africa needs to get there also. CLICK HERE TO WATCH FREE GHANAIAN MOVIES ON YOUTUBE Piracy has been a bane for the Ghanaian movie industry for so many years and now, the pirates have gone digital. This has added to the woes of the movie producers who were already operating under limited budgets. Certainly, this couldnít go on forever and is bound to change sooner or later. As part of SriBuOís mission to showcase the best from Ghana, it currently has over 200 titles from the best movie production houses available on YouTube to watch for free! Well at least, YOU donít have to pay to watch them. Some of the titles currently available are The Perfect Picture, 6 Hours To Christmas, Checkmate, 4Play Reloaded, The Game, Tentacles and many others. SriBuo is working hard with the rest of the producers in Ghana to increase its catalog.