STX Boardroom Wrangling Rages On

A Commercial Court has been unable to determine the way forward in the STX boardroom bickering that has stalled the first phase of a 30, 000 housing unit project in Ghana. The STX Housing deal was approved by the Parliament of Ghana last year but not a single brick has been laid. According to a report monitored on an Accra-based radio station Joy FM on Wednesday, the feuding parties in the deal � GKA Airports Company Limited (STX Ghana) led by its CEO B. K Asamoah and his Korean counterparts � were unable to reach a deal once again in court, which is aimed at paying the latter off to pave way for a US firm, Western Forms Technology. The report said the Ghanaians have a strong feeling the Koreans are on a mission to �frustrate� them. The STX Housing deal is expected to construct in total about 200,000 housing units in the country.