Life Returns To Normal

Some streets within the capital are again beaming with activities on the first working day, after the Christmas holidays. Human and vehicular traffic, have however become much less than it was during the period just before the Christmas holidays, although some vehicular traffic jams could be seen in some streets around Makola and Accra Central Business area. Within the Ministries area, work has begun as usual, with food and snack sellers doing some good business. During a tour by Ghana News Agency (GNA) around Makola through Rawlings Park and surrounding areas, it was observed that while a few shops had still not opened, most shops owners had returned to work. Many pavements were quite full with traders, with an equal measure of patronage from customers normally. Some traders and shop owners who spoke to the GNA said sales were impressive after the holidays."Although business is picking up slowly, we expect things to improve during the day," they added. Mr Melwani Kishore, General Manager of Melcom, dealers in electrical gadgets and equipment, said business was picking up �quite fine�. On business during the pre-Christmas period, he said sales went quite high. Concerning purchases by customers during this year's Christmas compared to last year, he said �I think it is about the same�. Mr Kwame Narsh of Kayapa Ventures, said although people did a lot of shopping during Christmas, �They do not buy everything they laid their hands on because it is Christmas�. He said items much purchased during the Christmas were those much needed for the occasion such as disposable cups, tissue as well as drinks. On how good sales had been during this yuletide, he said, �I think sales this year have been generally as good as last year. I do not really see much difference�. Mr Narsh said he had no problem with the company�s performance during the period. �I think it is also about how successful you are at developing your business. It is not only about people buying or not buying because it is Christmas,� he added.