Jocelyn Dumas Donates GH� 1000 To Korle-Bu Hospital Children�s Ward!

Actress and host of the �One Show� on Viasat1 on Boxing Day, December 26 donated GHC 1000 to the Children�s Block of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra. After the donation, an excited Jocelyn she told GhanaCelebrities.Com, �The reason why I�m doing [donating] this is, I think because Christmas is a time of giving and giving selflessly. I thought about what to do this time around. Yes I did the partying and everything else but I realized that, I need to be able to impact certain lives or do something to put a smile or some else face. I was blasting on my twitter that make sure that this Christmas, make sure you put a smile on some else�s face and I thought why not the children.� �There are lots of charities out there� I mean I could definitely start my own charity but I�d rather donate into existing charities because it�s the same thing � it�s a good course. So why not the children?� She continued that instead of her to go to the beach on 26 December to have fun, she decided to celebrate the day with the children. According to her, the look on the faces of the children as she toured the wards, confirms that indeed they appreciate what she has done for them. She said, that was rewarding for her. When asked about her take on the on the proliferation of �Foundations� and the act of giving, where every Ghanaian celebrity wants to have a foundation on their own, Jocelyn said she doesn�t hate that idea but then advised that since all the foundations serve the same purpose, it will make sense if other celebrities will rather help and donate to those foundations than setting up their own foundations.