New Movie "Wanna Be" To Premiere On Independence Day

Ghana will on the 6th of March this year celebrate its 55th independence bash with a comic relief movie called �Wanna BE� which premiers at the national theater at 7pm sharp. The movie, �Wanna B� stars characters like Yvonne Nelson, Eddie Nartey, Prince David Osei, and Nana Akua Addo with directing coming from the eagle eyes of Pascal Amanfo. �Wanna be� is strictly a comedy movie; it tells an everyday story of a lady who wanted to belong to the class of the elite in society by doing what they do and acting like them�. In a chat with one of the characters in the movie, Nana Akua Addo, she noted that when she had the script of �Wanna Be�, it was the comic style of it that got her into accepting to be part plus it had Pascal Amanfo as a director. A little review of the movie was made by Nana Akua Addo with the aim of giving people a fair idea of what they should expect come the 6th of March at the national theater and she said: �Wanna be is a true life story about a young lady who was a cornice layer, she just could not say a sentence without lying but she always wanted to "belong" some way or the other. Kate and Caroline (her friends) did not know as to what or who their friend Lieana really is, but faith they say catches up with those who �wanna be� as it played Lieana to her own game.� She maintained: �These three friends, Kate, Liena and caroline had too many skeleton in their cupboards and that is how this comedy movie will make you cry in trying to crack your ribs out. �Wanna B� has the elements of good laughter, lies, deceit and humor, it is a simple movie poised to distress you on a good holiday like the Independence Day � 6th of March 2012 at the national theater. Tell a friend to tell a brother that Yvonne Nelson, Prince David Osei, Eddie Nartey, Nana Akua Addo and others are ready to make your independence a stress free activity at the national theater for only GHC20, and besides you don�t want to miss it hilarious comic movie, �Wanna Be�, come lets laugh our heart out to all wanna bees in our society.