Why More Celebrity Ladies Now Marry Secretly

What seems to have become the trend in Nigeria society today is secret weddings amongst female celebrities. In the past few months,the Nigerian social circuit recorded a high number of secret weddings amongst society ladies and this has raised questions. Secret wedding-used to be common among young ladies whose partners are based abroad but these days those husband are based in Nigeria prefer to have a secret wedding with strictly family members in attendance. Secret wedding is simply defined as that held without the knowledge of the public and in some cases family and friends. In Nigeria,people have secret weddings for different reasons and they range from financial and legal issue,spiritual reasons,hunt of their dirty past and of course the issue of a possible break-up. Legal reason is a popular one in Nigeria and unlike what obtains in America where couples having lived together for years seek marriage certificates,Nigerian ladies do because their previous marriages are yet to be dissolved by the court. Most young ladies that have these kind of secret wedding are mostly those that have been married and have their divorce cases in court.Based on the fact that their divorce process is taking time and they need to re-marry they choose to have a secret wedding such that they will not be apprehended by the court for Bigamy. In some cases the new husband is aware of the ongoing court case and some the husband is left in the dark. Financial issue is another reason many female celebrities get married secretly. Many do complain to have been affected by the current economic situation but the bitter truth is that many celebrities are not as rich as people perceive.For that reason,when they want to get married they prefer to either make it a low-key event or a secret affair to save costs. Another reason people get married secretly is because of spiritual reasons.This is common amongst celebrities who are religious,particularly those that attend white-garment churches.It is also common amongst ladies who want to protect what they have nurtured for a very long time. Some families will say it is against their belief due to spiritual reasons not to have a grand wedding while some ladies after consulting their pastors/spiritualists will be advised against having one. The fear of possible break-up . Many celebrities have in the past suffered break-up due to interference in their private lives by the media,friends and colleagues.As a result of third parties in their marriages,they donít eventually last long and a recent example is the crash of Yoruba actressís marriage due to friends interference. Finally is the issue of their dirty past.Many celebrity ladies sure do have dirty past which they have concealed from their hubby for one reason or the other. Many believe if their past is revealed to their partner,their wedding plan might fail and they would have to start all over again in search of a man who would not only believe in them but also trust,endure,tolerate and understand them. To keep their husband from being detailed about their past they do not only keep their relationship private during courtship but also have a secret wedding to avoid trouble. This is common among celebrity ladies who are married to Nigerian guys based abroad or white guys who are not conversant of their activities in the society.