Chinese Delegation Visits Energy Ministry

The China Chamber of Commerce last week Thursday paid a visit to the Ministry of Energy to explore potential areas of investment in the energy sector. Led by the Director-General of the Department of Commerce of the Jilin Province of China, Mr. Wang Fu yi, the delegation discussed with officials of the ministry areas in the power and petroleum sectors where mutually beneficial agreements can be reached. According to Mr. Fu yi, Ghana’s credentials in governance and resource management over the last couple of years made her an attractive destination for investors. He said the delegation was in the country to explore various business avenues to enhance the already cordial relationship the two countries enjoyed. Mr. Fu yi said the discussion would establish a channel of communication between the ministry and the Jilin Province and would be the foundation for other exchanges to come. He used the opportunity to invite officials of the ministry to visit the Jilin Province of China in September this year for its trade and investment fair. The Chief Director of the Ministry of Energy, Prof. Thomas Mba Akabzaa, who represented the Minister, acknowledged the existing relationship between the two countries and expressed the hope that the interaction will yield fruitful results. He told the delegation that various opportunities exist within the power and petroleum sectors which can be explored for the two countries to benefit. He therefore called on officials from both sides to continue with the interactions and come to concrete agreements.